If you have not arrived by the time reception closes, your room or apartment key will be placed into a key box and you will be sent a text message.

The text message will include an access code for your allocated key box.

Key boxes can be found as you enter the Central Hotel, on your left hand side.

Access Instructions

  • Press the small black button in the centre of the safe to reset it
  • Enter the code supplied in your text
  • Press and hold down the sliver button on the safe, and pull the front of the safe away
  • Your key is inside
  • Please either place back the front of the safe or place it on the shelf below

If you have not already provided a mobile telephone number, or would like to swap the number you have provided, please do so by calling or e-mail us. If you do not have a mobile contact telephone number, please call or e-mail us after check in time on your arrival date for the access code.