At check in time you will receive a text message

The message will include two access codes

The 1st code accesses the main communal entrance

  • Enter the code and the door will automatically unlock
  • Push the door to open

The 2nd code accesses the key safe outside of your allocated room

  • Press the small black button in the centre of the safe to reset it
  • Enter the second code
  • Press and hold down the sliver button on the safe, and pull the front of the safe away
  • Your key is inside
  • Please either place back the front of the safe or keep it somewhere visible in your room

If you have not already provided a mobile telephone number, or would like to swap the number you have provided, please do so by calling or e-mail us. If you do not have a mobile contact telephone number, please call or e-mail us after check in time on your arrival date for the access code.