Cancellation Policy


The Central Studios Gloucester Road operates a pre-paid, non-refundable policy.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking without reason.

Third Party:

All reservations operate a pre-pay policy. Your cancellation policy will be stated on your reservation and advertised online before booking. If you are unsure of your cancellation policy, please call us direct or your third party agent.

Pet Policy

We operate a strict NO PETS POLICY. Should it be proven that a pet has been found to have been in the accommodation a charge is applicable.

If the pets is not remove you may be asked to leave the accommodation and you booking will risk being cancelled in its entirety and no refund given.

Additional Extras

All additional extras are offered at our discretion.

Please note during March Gold Cup Race week, some additional extras will not be offered: Late Check Outs and Early Check Ins. Due to the high volume of guests generating additional cleaning these will not be offered during this period.

Age Restriction

You must be over 18 in order to make a reservation.

However, if you are aged between 18 – 25, you may be asked to provide photographic identification and asked to place a deposit against your reservation before it is confirmed. This is down to our discretion.


At the time of booking a card is require to secure your reservation in its entirety including the following:

Please be aware that during your stay, you are liable for all damages and misuse of the facilities and the equipment that is provided. For example:

  • Crockery
  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Towels ect.

All damages will be assessed and charged accordingly to material, replacements, parts and labour fees.

There is a £100 charge for disposal of large item damaged furniture ie beds, settees ect.

Additional charges will apply for the following:

  • SMOKING – Central Hotel operates a strict NO SMOKING policy. If found to be smoking in the accommodation provided a £60 fine will be issued.
  • VOMITING – A specialist cleaning kit will be required and extra time will be taken to clean the apartment. This will incur a charge of £60 and £25 per hour labour charge for the additional cleaning.
  • KEYS – Loss of a key or failure to return a key at check out will result in a £25 charge.
  • SOILING OF BEDS – A specialist cleaning kit will be required and the mattress will be replaced. This will incur a charge of £60, £25 per hour labour charge as required and the cost of replacement for the mattress.
  • COLOURANTS/BEDDING & TOWELS – Please be cautious as hair dye is difficult to remove and can soil towels and bedding. In the event we are unable to remove the colourant a charge will be made for the cost of replacement per item and additional labour charge for the time taken and materials used in order to try to remove the stain.
  • PETS – A specialist kit will be required. This will incur a £60 charge and £25 per hour labour charge for the additional cleaning.
  • CHECK OUT – Check out is strictly 10am. Should a late check out be booked on the day of departure the price will be doubles. Should you fail to check out by check in time (2pm) you will incur the nights rate charged.

All charges will be debited from the card used to secure the reservation.