Since 1945, the Brass Band Championships have been held annually. Kept in the same format, the championships is divided into five sections; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th sections and the Championship section. Including eight qualifying regions within the United Kingdom: 1. London and Southern 2. The Midlands 3. North of England 4. North West 5. Scotland 6. Wales 7. West of England 8. Yorkshire.

The top two, three or four, depending on how many bands have entered the competition that year, qualify for the ‘Finals’. These are held in the autumn of the year. The Lower Section Finals showcase sections 1 to 4 and the first four bands in the Championship section automatically secure a place in the next years equivalent event. The Regional Championships also determine which bands that qualify to be invited to the National Finals and the bands grading for the next years Regional Championships.

Come along for this wonderful event and support your the brass bands while they play some enchanting music.


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